safety measures – Creme Castle
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safety measures

Our kitchens have followed series of precautionary measures to make your cake preparation in a healthy and safe environment. Following comprehensive measures have been taken.

Sanitized Environment

  • All areas to be thoroughly disinfected before daily morning entry, with special emphasis on high-frequency touch points.
  • Freshly-prepared bleach solution (1% sodium hypochlorite) or phenolic disinfectants to be used to clean furniture, washbasins, and toilets.
  • Sanitization of common areas (reception, elevator, lounge) to be done every 6 hours with phenolic disinfectant.
  • Face mask and gloves available for riders coming to pick up the order
  • WHO or government approved sanitising agents to be used to clean raw food material and kitchen supplies.


Trained Staff

  • All staff to observe social distancing rules at all times 
  • Staff to wear masks (3-ply or N95) and gloves at all times.
  • Routine temperature check to be done twice a day with mandatory leave for anyone with temperature above 99.1℉.
  • Regular staff training to be initiated for maintaining social distancing norms, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.